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At Bramwell Brown Limited we believe in sticking to our area of speciality. For us that is investments. We will analyse an investor’s financial position, their stage in life, and their aversion to risk; and match those characteristics to suitable investment strategies and products. We will offer advice and opinion on insurance, powers of attorney, wills, trusts, and taxation, and can refer you to other professionals who specialise in those areas. We don’t pretend we will get it right every time, however we have some core values that we believe benefit our clients:

  • Autonomy – we will not be tied to a third party
  • We will not become a “seller” of products
  • We will not offer an investment unless we believe it adds value to a client’s financial position
  • We will recommend suitable investments and strategies regardless of our ability to earn income from them
  • We will endeavour to educate our clients
  • We will develop long-term relationships with our clients

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